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A Guide To Living In Greenwich London

Moving to London can be a very exciting experience; however it can also be quite overwhelming.

feathers-place-© Richard Croft

spring-flowers-in-batley-park-© Stephen CravenIt is not only the physical relocation that one must consider, but the points to take into account when choosing an area to relocate to. Yes, the idea of London is appealing but not all areas will meet a person’s specific needs. To ensure you are heading to the ideal borough where you are sure to happily settle, it is essential that you review various factors. This article will provide information on moving to Greenwich borough, helping you make an informed decision about a move to this area.

Where Is Greenwich Borough?

Greenwich is a leafy borough located in the south-eastern region of London. It is considered one of the more upper class boroughs because of its Royal borough status and strong historic value. It is also one of the more convenient options when looking for a new area to live because it has a market-town community while being very close to London central city. The best of both worlds if you are looking for an area filled with traditional pubs but with easy access to central London.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Greenwich?

One of the most important factors many people consider when looking for a new property is price. It is pointless to seek out an upper class residence in a high value area if you are working on a budget. Despite the popularity and quality of Greenwich, the rentals are not as expensive as may be expected. The average rental for a two bedroom flat is £2,000 pcm with cheaper options dipping as low as £1,100 pcm. Furthermore, the council tax for Greenwich is the least expensive in London with an average of £900 per annum.

Is Public Transport Available In Greenwich?

Despite the borough having the aura of a market town, it is one of the closest non-bustling areas with close proximity to central London. Unfortunately, there is no London Underground station in Greenwich, but public transport is available in the form of buses and the Docklands Light Railway. Both of these transport options are highly reliable, easy to access, and speedy forms of transport – so, there’s no way you can miss that business meeting because of traffic.

Are Schools Accessible In Greenwich?

One consideration for families relocating is the distance of the residence to a school. Greenwich is not only brimming with primary, secondary, and early years educational facilities, but has some of most reputable schools in the country. The schools will often provide public transport for children which is particularly beneficial for those who live slightly further from the facility.

Final Words On The Matter

Choosing an area for relocation can be a very difficult decision and various considerations must be carefully pondered over to ensure all needs are being met. Using the information in this article you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not Greenwich is the best option for your relocation needs.


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