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A Reliable Storage Facility in Dartford

If you’re from Dartford and you need a reliable storage facility to place your things, you can enlist the services of companies like ASP Removals and Storage.


When you’re starting a new family, seeing yourself grow, or if you’re a businessman who needs to expand his venture, there will come a time when you need to move into a bigger space. It’s an exciting thing at first because you’ll get to move into a better space, with larger rooms and higher ceilings.

But then, when you finally get to the “moving” part, you’ll suddenly realise the weight of the task at hand, both literally and figuratively. You see all your furniture, appliances, and little knick knacks and decorations, and it finally sinks in that you’ll have to pack them up and move them to the new place. It’s cumbersome, and no one likes it, but it’s something we all have to do at one point.

Fortunately, there are companies who offer storage facilities as their main business. Storage facilities, as the name suggests, allow people to temporarily house their things in secure locations until they are ready to take them out and place them where they need to be. And if you’re from Dartford and you need a reliable storage facility to place your things, you can enlist the services of companies like ASP Removals and Storage.

Like any other company offering storage facilities, ASP houses their clients’ things inside a very secure location, so that they will have peace of mind that their stuff won’t suddenly get stolen or broken. They even offer an insurance for your stuff, to give you that extra layer of security. This is very useful for families and businesses that need to transfer to a bigger space or who need to de-clutter and free up their current location.

Why Are They Reliable?

What makes ASP reliable is their “collection and delivery service”. They will personally go to your area and pick up the furniture and appliances that you wish to place in their storage facility. They will also deliver the stuff to your new location if you need to move somewhere bigger. This saves you the hassle of moving the stuff yourself and looking for people who are willing to help you, both of which can be tiring and cumbersome.

In addition, part of their services is long term storage. This is for when you’re not sure when the renovation or construction of your new space will finish, or if you have some old furniture that you don’t want to get rid of but need to remove in order to free up some space for new ones. Their facility is well-equipped to store any kind of item, whatever the shape or the size, so you don’t have to worry about trying to fit your stuff in.

When you avail of their services, you don’t need to have a definite time when you’ll have to pull your stuff out. They offer a weekly rate for their clients, so you’ll just have to pay the fees until you have to pull your stuff out. Their services also extend to Bexleyheath and London, so if you know anyone from the area who needs a reliable storage facility, just give ASP a call!

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