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Choose The Right House Removals Company In Dartford

If you are moving away from Dartford or into Dartford you will want to hire the services of a removal company that offers a variety of services


such as moving your entire household contents, or placing your beloved belongings into a safe storage option or maybe just to assist you move furniture items that are heavy and bulky.

Moving from one home to another has been rated as one of the most stressful events we have to go through in our lives. For this reason you may want to try everything possible to make this experience as painless and convenient as possible.

Below is a bit of advice on planning your move to Dartford:

Schedule Your Removal

It is always advisable to plan your move in advance. This is an important factor in association to choosing the appropriate time and date that you are able to accommodate. This will mean letting your removal company know at least 3 weeks before the day you plan to move to ensure they are available on the day to assist you.

Choose The Date Or Day That Is Suitable To You

The demand relating to removal services are normally lower in the middle of a month or week. If you are available on these dates this is the ideal time for you to move as this is the time that the majority of the removal companies in Kent or London will offer more affordable rates. This can offer you a reduced rate on the day of removal.

Items That Are Unable To Move On The Removal Vehicles

Items that will not be allowed on a removal vehicle will include dangerous and inflammable substances such as paints, propane tanks, aerosols and firearms. The reason for this is that they could explode or ignite due to increased temperatures inside the removal trucks.

Top Tips When Packing Your Boxes

Use The Correct Sizes

Place heavy items such as ornaments and books into smaller boxes and use larger boxes for light items such as pillows and linen. A large box that contains heavy items makes the removal job much harder as well as increasing the chances of breakages. In addition, put the heavier items inside a box at the bottom and the lighter items at the top.

Label Your Boxes With The Room Destination Along With What Contents Are In The Box

This is a really important step to ensuring your move is a smoother process. It assists the movers in knowing where each box should go in your new home. In addition, you should number each of the boxes and keep an inventory in a safe place to track what has been packed and ensure all your boxes are in your new home when you decide to unpack.

Tape Your Boxes

Make sure you secure the top and the bottom seams of your boxes with tape. You can also wrap the tape a few times completely around the boxes concentrating on the areas that will receive the most stress.


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