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The Best Places to Move in Lewisham London

Moving is never an easy task, and with all the natural hassles and stress that come with having to relocate, it can be frustrating finding excellent information on where the best places to move are.

House removals Lewisham

House removals Lewisham

belmont-hill-Lewisham-© Danny Robinson

belmont-hill-Lewisham-© Danny Robinson

Lewisham is most famous as the childhood home of rock n’ roll legend Jimi Hendrix but has fallen on harder times recently compared to some of the other boroughs in London. However this doesn’t mean that Lewisham isn’t a great place to lives – but it does mean you want to do your homework to get the best deals there.

Overview of Lewisham Properties

There are many properties available throughout Lewisham, and generally speaking the consensus seems to be that the best two types of places to look at within Lewisham are small private property groups – gated communities and the like, or conservation areas that have beautiful classic Victorian and Edwardian style homes.

These neighbourhoods can be investigated place by place and depends both on what’s available at the time you’re searching and what your preferences are. While there are plans for massive renovations in parts of Lewisham to create almost a second “downtown” commercial area, the majority of the borough is still going to remain residential and these conservation areas are great places to continue to look for excellent housing opportunities even as those other commercial plans continue to take place.

The best way to find out what neighbourhoods are currently seen as the best or most crime free is to talk with local realtors or look up others who currently live in the area and ask for their honest opinion on the entire area. A weekend visit isn’t a bad way to go – as this can allow you to talk to a number of locals who know what the area looks like and can guide you with first hand knowledge to the perfect area.

Pros of moving to Lewisham
– Only 7 miles southeast of central London
– Multiple public transportation issues
– One of the best connected (by train) areas in London
– Victorian and Edwardian style homes
– Wonderful array of options for homes

Cons of moving to Lewisham
– High rate of obesity
– Institute for Economics and Peace named Lewisham one of the least peaceful places in the UK
– There are some shady areas and you need to use common sense and caution when out and about in these areas

In Conclusion

As with any borough, Lewisham has both its strong points and its weak points, as well. You will want to make sure you do your research to find not only the best areas to buy a property or rent an apartment, but you will also have a better idea of where your family can enjoy the neighbourhood safely and where your best options are for local entertainment.

While Lewisham might not be the most trendy of places in London to move into at the moment, but there’s plenty to enjoy about this area and all that it has to offer. Do a little bit of research and you’ll enjoy all this area’s neighbourhoods have to offer.

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